Learning EverythingI was asked “Sir, who did you learn to trade the markets from”

In life and with the invention of the internet, everything can be learnt from the internet (of course, you’ll need a smart brain and lots of time).
The only question will be “are you ready to go through the tonnes of information (which has 80% junk) wasting time and resources to learn something someone has mastered and can teach you?

First, with determination everything is possible. But, if time is precious to you, then you don’t have to become the Jack of all trades (learning everything on your own). You can employ the services of an expert to teach you, or to do it for you.

Forex trading is not an easy job (it’s a career in itself). Anyone who wants to be a professional can do so in 2 ways.
1. Learn on his/her own or
2. Learn from a professional.

My lesson today is short. It’s better to learn to fish, than let someone fish for you. But that’s relevant only when learning to fish is on top of your priority list. You don’t go to the river side with your hook and line just throwing. You need an expert guide. You need to cut the learning curve short by learning from a professional.

For everything you decide to do, do it right and well, and seek help when necessary.

I hope to meet you at the winning side.
©michaframp Trading
Trade Passion into Success.

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