stressPeople who come to me to learn forex usually ask me “Please, sincerely, is forex profitable?”
The answer is a definite yes. But they fail to ask what it takes to get to the level of success. Not just a mere one month success. But the ability to provide consistent gains over a long period of time.

Forex is the most stressful and hardwork one can ever come to deal with. You will meet a lot of people talking about “KISS; Keep It Simple Sir (Some replace the Sir with Stupid)”. But in fact, by the time you are able to develop your strategy/trading to KISS, it would have taken a long time of stress and trouble. Indeed, forex can be made very simple but as a beginner, you should understand that it is not that simple and easy.

Over the years, I have had numerous sleepless nights than I can count or remember, numerous heartaches than I can imagine, numerous cries than I give. All because I wanted success in forex.

Indeed it all paid well but most will either quit along the way or will keep thinking that is where their success lie without any proper progress. I like to tell prospective students that, if you cannot withstand stress and depression, you are better not getting involved with forex or you better trade forex on a demo account. But if you want to involve your hard earned money in this business called forex, then you should be ready to reach the lowest point in life along the way.

The long and short of this is that, forex is very difficult and stressful even for professionals. It is advisable to not get involved rather than to waste time, relationships, money and other things just to give up at the end of the day.

Success is not easyRemember that nothing good comes easy. And quitting because you couldn’t find success along the way is success in itself. Afterall, you can channel your energy and money into other easier and passionate things.


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