Is there really anything like “Holy Grail” in forex? My answer is an emphatic, “YES!”
And I am going to share that strategy with you today.

Trading the forex market is no joke. I like to see it as a world of its own. In the forex business, you will come across all manner and kinds of people. There are scammers in the form of traders and teachers. There are beginners who hop and believe everything their trade “gods” say. Above all and most importantly, there are genuine traders and teachers whose duty and passion is to milk the market like cows are milked in a ranch.

Enough of the talking. Before I move ahead to reveal my holy grail, there are a number of things I would like to make clear.
First is being optimistic with your forex trading. You’ve got to believe that no matter what, if you really have the passion to trade, then you will definitely succeed.
Second is never stop backtesting. Backtesting is the single most important thing to learn to do well in your trading journey. There is nothing as important as being able to backtest to verify the falsity or authenticity of a strategy. Before you ever put your money into any strategy, you have to be convinced that indeed it really works. And that can only be done by backtesting and forward testing.

Enough of the ranting. Let me go straight to the reason for this post.
My holy grail is getting the odds of the market in your favour or on your side. In order words, “Trade like a casino”. And I am going to share with you a strategy that has given me the odds I enjoy now. You are to always trade with the long term outlook that, so long as you continue executing your strategy the right way, you will definitely end with some extra cash in your account.

Getting the odds in your favour involves a whole lot of things. It just involves getting a strategy that gives you some edge over the market. A strategy that wins (not only your winrate but a greater than zero (0) net profit) at least 50.01% of the time will most definitely make you profitable in the long run. That is if your risk to reward it at least, 1:1.

One other thing you should understand is, no two traders are the same, hence my holy grail might be a failure to you. Someone might be satisfied with a 1% monthly ROI. Another will want at least, 100% ROI every month.

In as much as you might think one is unrealistic, you should also understand that we’re all different.

My holy grail have just got to do with finding your personality in the market. In other words, finding what works for you and what gives you an edge over the market.

Don’t follow blindly what the “gods” do. Do what works for you. Even the worst of strategies when tweaked in a certain way can give you what you want.


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