Gone were the days when you had to purchase, study and complete individual courses (beginner, intermediary, advanced, etc) before you can call yourself a knowledgeable forex trader. With your one-time payment at michaframp Trading, you get The Forex Flagship Course (FCC) that teaches you all you need and will ever need to become a professional and profitable forex trader. You also get to be mentored by michaframp.

How much does it cost?
The Forex Flagship Course is a one-time all inclusive payment of  US$250.00 for taking the course.

How is the course held?
The course is held over skype. It is an 8 weeks course where you meet twice a week for an hour and 30 minutes each time. The course is tailored to have only one student per session per time.

What do I get from the course?
You will get to learn how to trade the forex markets profitably, get a lifetime access to the michaframp community,  lifetime coaching and mentorship, metatrader 4 templates, indicators and scripts to aid in your trading, free webinars, Q&As, an advanced trading journal, weekly forex reviews and analysis, trade sharing and every single other thing that is indeed necessary for the success of every forex trader.

What is the course content?
You learn to Trade the currency market from experienced Forex Traders. This includes; the foundation of the Forex Market, everything about currency pairs and their prices, trend identification, money, trade and risk management, mastering your emotions and trading psychology, understanding economic events and news and its impact on the markets, practice trading in real-time, identify the type of trader that fits you best, and finally, trading and making money to gain your financial freedom.

Why should I learn with michaframp Trading and not other trading schools?
You should learn with us because each course taught has been broken down into basics so you can apply and practice them easily. The lessons have been prepared taking into consideration the understanding process and thinking of a child. In other words, it is very easy to understand since the important information is what has been focused on and broken down for easy understanding.
Our courses are made in a way that doesn’t take your forex level in to consideration. It does not matter if you are new to the markets or have traded for years. At michaframp trading, we treat and feed you according to your need and what we believe is best for you.
We provide training on all types of trading styles. Being it a trend trader, counter-trend trader, day trader, swing trader, position trader. We give you what is good and necessary for your success. We train you to start off from nothing to when you understand and can analyze the markets independently, take control of your trading psychology, money management, patience among other very essential components of every forex trader.
Your partnership with the michaframp family (MAbusua) comes with no additional cost whatsoever. You get free access to the courses being developed, the analyses, news, programs, trades being taken, etc. Each lesson and course is developed to sustain you in the markets as an independent trader. Our goal is to make you the best trader (better than even michaframp).
We believe and promise that upon completion of our course, you will be awed by your own trading performance.
In our community, you get to interact with experienced traders 24/7 and learn how they made it. You will also meet people just like you who were struggling and are undergoing training. In fact, you will find all manner of people who trade the forex market. In all, we train you all to become like-minded profitable traders who will help the family (MAbusua) to become a better place to be.

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