meetingIn as much as I want you to learn forex from me, I would like to have a feel of me and find out if indeed this training and the face behind it is right for you.

Better still you would like to know if the online training would be as effective as you expect it to be. Sometimes, you just want to know if this thing is real and the person promising to be an awesome trader and teacher is actually real.

It is with this that I come your way with a free weekly webinar every Sunday at 19:00 GMT.

This webinar is a maximum of 1 hour long. It is a 30 minute outlook on my predictions for the previous week and how they played out and my predictions for the coming week.

I give 3 people the chance to suggest any currency pair to be analysed for the week aside the major currency pairs and Gold that I analyse.

After the analyses, we have the Q&A session where you get the chance to ask me any question on forex or on my course or anything you think is relevant.

The meeting is held using the Teamviewer application. Download your version.

Please join the meeting at the meeting time by clicking here at the meeting time.

Meeting ID: m23-117-032


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